Do Not Let Our Size Fool Yah

Who We Are?

Over the past twenty years our family has been designing and developing web and mobile applications for various groups. While many were on GoDaddy, Dreamhost, Bluehost, or any other large corporate service they felt that their concerns were not being taken care of. So we ended up designing our own server utilizing Amazon and Digital Ocean existing structures. We are not looking to be the next GoDaddy, but do want to provide a service to folks around the world that do not have the time to deal with it themselves or hire someone full time. We are a Veteran, Miniority, Small Chrisitan Business out of San Antonio, Texas.

Our Mission

To help relieve the stress and reduce the time required for our clients to handle hosting solutions so they can focus on building and succeeding at their business at hand. To provide 30% of all profits to multiple charities and scholarships so we can do our part within the communities. To create an environment that

Our Vision

Hosting and server services that reduce the stresses of maintaining a digital presence.

When Did Start?

In 2008 the concept of a managed hosting was brought up but we never had the time or knowledge to get it running. It was not until new infstracture from Amazon and other large corporations that made it easier for us to begin building.

How Many Employees?

As of right now we run a staff of 5 with a server management company of many more. We have found automated processes that can help relieve the burden of a bloated staff. Do not get me wrong, we would love to have more on the team. However, we are not there yet and pray that we are blessed so we can offer opportunities to more people out there.

Do You Host Anyone?

Unfortunately we are a Christian based organization and will review all client requests. We are seeking to better the communities and anything against our values we will have to pass on.